Contains coordinate conversion software written by me for use with British, Swiss and French maps (50,000 and/or 25,000 scale) and a handheld GPS receiver.

PolOs.exe (Windows console application) Latitude is entered first then Longitude. Type no arguments for Usage. Converts Polar coordinates (lat/long) to Ordnance Survey grid reference (OsGB). Datum shift from WGS84 can be applied if required.

OsPol.exe (Windows console application). Easting is entered first then Northing. Type no arguments for Usage. Converts Ordnance Survey grid reference (OsGB) to Polar coordinates (lat/long). Results are quoted in both OSGB36 and WGS84 datums.

These work only over the ranges given in Usage (i.e.all the United Kingdom, France or Switzerland but not Nepal!!). Various formats work so give them a go! They are usually good for an accuracy of 1 metre.

On-line (browser form based) Coordinate Conversions

British Ordnance Survey...
Web-based PolOs          Web-based OsPol

Swiss Landeskarte der Schweiz...
Web-based PolSwiss      Web-based SwissPol

French IGN or Didier Richard...
Web-based GrPol

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