XLaunch - Finish configuration

XLaunch - Additional parameters

Additional parameters

This is where the more obtuse settings can be made. If in doubt enter nothing.


Enables the integration between the Xming clipboard and Windows clipboard. This is usually a good thing to have enabled.


Enable AIGLX for accelerated OpenGL with WGL. To force the use of GLX so rendering is indirect (takes place on the server), and thus can be accelerated, set the environment variable...
$ export LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1   or use any nonzero value
on the remote machine. Check that...
$ glxinfo | grep OpenGL
mentions your graphics card vendor, if it mentions Mesa, you still have software rendering. Accelerated indirect GL will not occur with local clients.


When not selected (default) the server will start -nolisten inet6. When selected, if an IPv6 socket can be created, listening on inet6 will be made available.

Warning: In 'Force run' mode don't select IPv6 for a local client display on an existing server that hasn't IPv6 (i.e. that is -nolisten inet6).

No Access Control

Turns off server access control. Available as a debugging aid when not running X-Forwarding or XDMCP.

Don't turn off access control, by using this normally, it will make your server totally unsafe on public networks.

Remote font server (if any)

Enter the hostname of a font server on your network, typically a Unix or Linux machine with this capability. The font server is assumed to be available on port 7100/TCP.

Additional parameters for Xming

Enter all other command line parameters needed by you for Xming. If unsure enter nothing.
For a list of parameters read the [WWW]Xming Manual, this excludes all the X commands enter -help and Next/Finish for a complete listing.

Additional parameters for plink or ssh

Enter all other command line parameters needed by you for plink or ssh. If unsure enter nothing.
Adding some options can be silly e.g. '-2' and '-X' (or '-Y') are being set automatically and an adding '-load sessname' will collide with the user@host setting when using plink.

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